NSW shows (and a sneaky Vic and Canberra one)

This month I can’t wait to get back out on the road with Dad
And not just because Mum will do my washing

I think some of the shows are already SOLD OUT, but check with the venue closest to you just in case theres still tickets to be had.
We’ve had a bit of a break and we’re itching to get back out to see you nutters
KBW may 2016

After the May tour, I’ll head back home for a while, before grabbing my guitar (and my kids) and jumping on a plane to the Territory.
I love the shit out of playing int the TOP END, mad bastards everywhere you go.
My people.

23rd June WALKABOUT LODGE Nhulunbuy
24th June PRECINCT TAVERN Darwin
25th June BEACH FRONT HOTEL Rapid Creek
26th June HUMPTY DOO HOTEL Humpty Doo

Also a great place to finish off the recording of my LIVE ALBUM (due out in time for the UK tour in Nov) which we started recording for earlier this year in Chicago.
It’s going to be a ball-tearer – watch this space!

I’d say check Facebook for updates, but those fuckers are seem to be having a fat old time putting me in the naughty corner every-other day. #focus
JT NT 2016

Also, how many people are a bit stunned that it’s already May?
I feel like I’ve only just gotten over my New Year’s hangover.

Calm your farm 2016, Jesus!


what the fuck dad.

This tour has been such a great one
With some fantastic crowds and even the odd town we’ve never played before
I’m looking at YOU Mulwala! (what a brilliant place!)


Even with two shows left (tonight at Wangaratta, tomorrow Mt Evelyn)
This tour will for me, be best remembered as the ‘what the fuck, Dad?’ tour

You guys, I’ve known him my WHOLE LIFE, and  he still manages to make me shake my head in wonder.
I’m always laughing while shaking my head at him, and that’s never a bad thing.

Earlier in the week, we were leaving Mildura, and I realised I didn’t have my phone
I’d had it 5 minutes before, and now it wasn’t anywhere.
I turned the car inside out looking for it.
Nope, not there.
Shit. Fuck. Ugh.
I dropped Dad at a local coffee shop, and set off to retrace my steps.
After going back to the hotel we’d just checked out of, the post office, every shop I’d walked past…
It was two hours later and still no sign of my phone
(Yes, I have ‘find–my-phone’ but it wasn’t working (fu apple) and the ringer was turned off, so trying to call it was pointless – not that I didn’t do it 11 times anyway)
I’d gotten over the pissed off stage, and was now at the ok, when was the last time I backed it up stage
I was also one of those times I was happy to be me, and not a 18 year old supermodel, because if I was, I can guarantee that phone would have been chock-filled with naked selfies. Or at least topless ones.
Yay for being a midget comedian and not the hot chick!
I drove back to the coffee shop to get Dad.
He gets up out of his seat – where he’s been sitting for 2 hours chatting to every single person that walked through the door (his road nickname is ‘have-a-chat’)
He walks over to me, and MY PHONE fell out of his pocket.
He picks it up with a confused look on his face, holds it out to me and says, ‘is this what you’re looking for?’


He had NO IDEA he’d picked it up (or so he says)
And I wasn’t even mad, just relieved.
Now I know where to look if my phone ever goes missing again
And Dad knows how to get 2 hours to himself whenever he needs it

Well played, Daddio.


There’s so many other little happenings, funny bits and sweet-jesus-tell-me-I’m-adopted moments
From almost sending in a search party when a roadside wee-stop went for a scary long amount of time
He was so impressed with how clean the toilets were, he went inside the servo and gave the surprised bloke behind the counter a cd. Because nothing says thanks for letting me destroy your dunny like a signed KBW album.
Or when it’s laundry day out here (thankyoubabyjesus for Heiny!) and he disappears with his laundry bag, and returns an hour later with a Gazman bag full of new shirts
Um, that’s not doing laundry Dad.
That’s called cheating shopping.


Then there was this morning…when we checked out of our hotel
And Dad wanted to say thank you to the lady at reception for allowing him to check out a little later.
So he took all the complimentary soaps, shower caps and toiletries from his room, and gifted them to her
She was still laughing as we drove away AND shaking her head.

But I think Dad’s random, uncensored ways, are probably best summed up in a conversation that we had in the car today on the way to Wangaratta.
A conversation that I still don’t quite ‘get’
We’d been listening to some country music cds we’d bought a few towns back.
A song came on by a female artist
Me ‘I don’t love this song, but she’s doing really well these days, having lots of success’
Dad ‘She looks funny I don’t like her’
Me ‘What do you mean?’
Dad ‘she looks like one of those girls that if you saw her naked, she’d be covered in black moles’


I’ll just leave that right there.


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catch up….hurry!!

The title ‘catch up…hurry’ is really aimed at me
I’ve been busy doing so many things that I’ve gotten exceptionally good at not finishing any of them
My ‘TO-DO’ list has gone from 5 things to what feels like 500 things
It’s fast turning into my ‘fuck-it’ list I can tell ya.

So, where am I?
Well, I finally have my clothes back thankyouverymuch and whatthefuck Qantas!?!

Apparently I’m going for gold in the ‘where-the-fuck-are-my-suitcases’ Olympics
Last week and this upcoming week, I am in Victoria on tour with Dad
We had an awesome first week of sellout showsvictoria2014Mum’s in Chicago with my girls while they’re on school holidays.
She’s loving spending quality time with them, while teaching them by example, that adults don’t have to be grownups and that Nannas never say no.
As you can imagine, they’re all having a shit time.

We’ve bought Heiny out on this tour to take care of the responsible stuff like, getting us to the gigs on time and making sure we have clean clothes.

#ballarat street kids. #trouble #heiny #dad #kevinbloodywilson #ontheroad

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As this is the first tour we’ve done without Mum in forever, we decided to celebrate by getting sick as shit.
It’s been quite week of sore throats, doctors and snot over here.
Bum needles for everyone!!

We’re all coming good now, and a couple of nights off came at just the right time

Geez #geelong how speccy are you? #viewfromhere #stunning #ontheroad #jennytalia #kevinbloodywilson

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We spent the first day off, traveling from Geelong to Mildura where Dad pranced around town modeling his new jacket from Gazman. (to add to his 24 other jackets from Gazman) And when I say ‘prancing’, I mean, he’s talking to himself in mirrors and complaining that everyone that walks past can’t stop staring at his amazing new jacket.
Because of course they are Dad.

He was so busy checking out his reflection in the shop windows, that he tried to steal a pregnant lady’s car.
In fairness, he thought it was our hire-car.
It was a Mitsubishi, ours is a Nissan
SO similar.
They were both white, so there’s that.
He’s standing there pressing the unlock button on the remote, tugging at the door handle. The pregnant lady waddled over, and was obviously so blinded by Dad’s new clobber, that she totally forgave him trying to break into her car.
Last night at dinner, he got so excited to see another bloke with the same jacket on that he trotted over to compliment him.
Aaaand walked into a mirror.

We had a nice day around town today – after an early morning doctor’s appointment for me. Antibiotics given to me by a doctor for my ear infections.
That she told me I had without looking into my ears.

Got a cool pic in this deck chair in the middle of town
It was too high for me to climb into and Dad was too short and I was too heavy to help me.
A very tall (and obviously strong) homeless man, was kind enough to give me a leg up.
And then walked off.
I was up there a while.

It would have been rough without the sushi latté Heiny sent up for me

This week’s shows are all either SOLD OUT or really close to it, so if we’re coming to your town, giddyup – we’d love to see you!

23 June Coomealla
24 June Echuca
25 June Mulwala
26 June Wangaratta
27 June Lilydale


Coming up next month…


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