day of the daddios

For all the Daddios out there (in the U.S, Canada, U.K.,South Africa and pretty much everywhere except Australia) ….today is YOUR day.

A day full of homemade cards, coffee delivered to you in bed

Maybe watch a game on TV

Hangout with the family, BBQ, enjoy the sunshine

We have plans to do all of the above today. Diamond, his Dad, his brother…and in a rare turn of events,Β MY DAD…will all be here to celebrate the day their swimmers made it to the promised land

We’re going all out to make it a great day of it for the Dads in our family. Starting with the kids and I making pancakes and bacon for Diamond’s breakfast in bed

Except that Diamond may have ended up making them himself ’cause I couldn’t find the eggs or work out how to turn the stove on. Fuck off, it’s way more complicated than it sounds


Beer and blow jobs for everyone!

*last year I must have been drunkΒ pms-ing on Father’s Day, ’cause I don’t getΒ don’t usually get this soppyΒ unless I’m medicated




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