first round of sydney tour dates are a go!

The Sydney tour dates have been posted….huzzah….check ’em out HERE
I’m told there’s still more to be added, so keep checking back
We’re hitting some of my favourite places on this tour, THE FIRST OF THE FAREWELL TOURS for Dad

I know there’s more than a few of you out there that are getting a bit panic-y at the thought of Dad retiring.
He’s not stopping. He’s just slowing down.
This is a man that has averaged more that 120 shows a year for nearly 30 years
Added to that, he loves the shit out of what he does
More than that…IMHO, there’s nobody out there that does it better
And no matter what he’s doing, he’ll ALWAYS be writing and releasing new stuff
Fuckin’ A to that.
So fear not peeps 

How cool is the tour poster?
GT (who does ALL our artwork) has done it again

And me lighting the rocket?

Sydney, I can’t wait to be in you!!


  1. I’am so pleased to hear that Jen. Because having just found you 2, and seen you both twice in your UK tour last year, I laugh ever day when I use D.I.L.L.G.A.F so F.O.C.U.S! It so fucks them up! I hope to see you both again soon.

  2. Any plans to hit the ole Noo Zealanduh? I have always missed you guys and if the old man is dialling down the gigs – I best get in fast.

    I also have the best story in relation to one of his songs which I should tell you some time.

  3. We always enjoy you and the old fella when you come to the UK,I hope you have a great time on tour again,coz lady you crack me up as does the old un.

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