fuck it up friday #21

Just so you know, I realise most of you will go straight ahead and watch the video without reading this post.
I forgive you.

On every album I’ve released so far, I have covered one of Dad’s songs.
This is one that I recorded on my very first album
Dad suggested I do it for a Fuck It Up Friday too

I was like, “but I didn’t ‘fuck it up’ Dad….I did a cover version. Like a tribute.”
And Dad was all, “You didn’t fuck it up? Well that’s debatable”


So here’s me fucking up, or not fucking up, Dad’s song, TAKE IT LIKE A MAN
He originally wrote this for me years ago, and I was all, “Eewwww DAD!!!
Thank you!”

♥♥♥ This can be my early Valentine’s present to you guys.
‘Cause I’m romantic like that. ♥♥♥


your Valentine’s present to the absolute dick in your life someone special ♥ 


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