bugger me basingstoke!

And when I say ‘bugger me’, I mean like, ‘fuck me dead’
I guess what I’m really trying to say is holy fucking shit you guys made that the most amazing show. Good GOD it was awesome.
For those of you that don’t know, this tour, is Dad’s final one of the UK & Ireland.
And to answer the bazillion dollar question; NO, he is not retiring. But he IS scaling back on big tours. While he *may* come back over here and do Β a couple of shows (he may not either…sorry) he won’t ever tour the country again. It’s a pretty intense schedule we keep, and aside from being committed to other projects for the next 3 years (which will make him 68) he just wants to slow down. As he should
He’s been touring on average, 120 shows a year, since his first album came out back in 1984.
But he’s been traveling around the world as a musician since he was 16. So yeah, I reckon he’s earn some ‘take it easy time’. It’s important to him, and Mum, to enjoy the life they have, while they’re still young enough to get out there and enjoy it.
But retiring? That’ll never be him.
Whether he plays live or nor, he will ALWAYS write and record new songs.
So you’ll always have that!

After touring England for almost 30 years, last night was the last England show of the tour (before we headed of to the Ireland shows)|

Now, I have been touring with Dad, on and off for many, many years. And this tour….jesus….THIS tour has been like no other
The way the fans have come out in DROVES to salute Dad, tell him they love him, what he means to them, how much his music has been a part of their life – well, I’ve got to tell you, that, has been fucking incredible
I guess I take it all for granted. He’s my Dad.
But this tour has shown me something amazing. You guys have had us in tears on more than a few occasions, with your kindness and appreciation
It just doesn’t get any better than this.

And don’t think we don’t know it
In a career that has seen Dad work with SO many different people. Hundreds. Some fantastic, and some absolute cunts not so much, along the way.

Touring can be hard slog on a good day. I’m not saying it’s not the best job on the planet, because I know, for me it is.

But a long tour like this can take it out of you.Β But it’s the people that make it worth it. Β The people that buy tickets every night, and the people backstage, that make it all happen.

It has been better than super special to have a team on this tour, that just couldn’t be ANY better. Β When you get the right people around you, this whole touring business is a fucking dream.

But you guys…YOU…just added about as much awesome-sauce as we can handle

And Basingstoke, what a way to say goodbye
I truly can’t thank you enough

Last night, and the 37 shows before it, have created so many brillliant memories for all of us on this tour.

If I could give you all a big kiss, I totally would.
And yes, there’d probably be tongue involved.

See you all again next year!!


  1. Loved the show last night, been listening to your dad since before I should’ve. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t know any of songs. Don’t see a knighthood anywhere in his future but he certainly made a cultural impact. Sad he’s unlikely to tour again but looking forward to seeing you on your next tour. I will definately be telling more people to FOCUS from now on.

    1. Thank you BJ, I’m glad it shows. It’s important to know what you have, while you have it. I know that no one knows that more than you and Dave right now.
      This keyboard doesn’t have the right buttons to send you all the love I would like to, but know I’m sending it anyway. BIG love to you, my friend x

  2. Fantastic show last night we sat next to slinky, yes I married to the bald bloke. You where both amazing, the last time we saw you was in Ayr and you were pregnant with your eldest, can’t wait to see you next year. Hope your dad enjoys his break, maybe he should just do stadiums next time???

  3. Jenny,
    it was a great night, and one i wouldn’t have missed. We missed you on the Dilligaf tour in 2009 but the wife and i feel you made up for it this time (she wasn’t convinced until she heard you live) but we will definatley come and see you on your next tour and bring as mamy friends as we can!!!

  4. I felt so blessed to see you guys in Chicago last year.. it was so awesome as I had waited over 25 years to see ur dad.. now you get to carry on the tradition of the funniest people on earth.. waiting to get my iPod for Xmas to download FOCUS..

    Did u guys make a live video of the performance in England?

  5. Jenny, thank you to you and your dad not only for a top notch night but for all the nights where Ive your dad or both of you previously. Also thank you for the music, for giving it to us all !!!

  6. Hi jenny, Just wanted to say i have been listening to you both for a while now and that night was the first time I saw you both live and wont forget it in a hurry, It was a cracking night i will be back next year

  7. I wasn’t even supposed to be at the Basingstoke show because I’m only 17 (cheeeky) but I tell you what that was a flipping good night I could stop laughing from start to finish! Hope to maybe see you again over here sometime?

  8. Well I have been a fan of Kevin Bloody Wilson since I was 11 and am now 34 so it was a great honour to be finally able to see him on his final night in the UK in Basingstoke.
    I remember the first time I ever heard the operator song!!!
    Brilliant to discover Jenny Talia too. You were both awesome!!!

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