the chicago soft drink swindle of 2012

We spent the majority of the weekend downtown Chicago, filming for RHYTHMS & ROOTS
We were all over the city, but mainly at the Chicago Blues Festival
And man, it was incredible.
Some of the acts we got to interview, watch live and boogie to, were phenomenal
I’m going to write about a few later this week….’cause for a girl that’s not typically a ‘blues’ fan, I am converted. I’ve seen the light – and I want to share!

But first, I wanted to tell you about a highlight of my weekend – that had NOTHING to do with music

Being the biggest (free) blues festival in the world, the Chicago fest attracts SO many people.
It also has a long list of sponsors
As we were leaving on the first day, we (and by we, I mean Dad) noticed a pallet of Pepsi
It was the new Pepsi Next drink, and people were taking samples 
Dad was all, I love free shit Pepsi I’m going to grab a can
But then he sees everyone else taking a 12 pack
So he takes his can 
AND a twelve pack 
He actually asked some of the other people as he walked away, are we looting?
They all laughed

But really, is this the face of a man that gives a shit?


*notice how in the first pic they’re giving away TINY cups of Pepsi?
He’s totally paying his own bail this time




  1. If it’s free it’s for me! 🙂

    PS. They may find themselves in a bit of a legal quandry if they try to launch that here….They’ve written NEXT in what looks to me the exact same font/style as the UK’s clothing chain lmao x

  2. Hey Jen, Looks like your having a great time! Can’t wait to see the dvd! Say hi to your parents for me and take care mate! xxx

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