The good news?
All the shows for this year are currently being confirmed
The really good news?
Sydney, you’re first!!
Yep, Dad and I are headed your way!

Tour starts 9th April in Hexham and runs for 4 weeks
Complete venue details will be up next week, with ticket info and all that exciting stuff

Also, SOLO shows in June
For those of you asking (& emailing me A LOT) about UK shows, we’re working on it (for later in the year) ….and will keep you posted, promise!
Melbourne & Perth Casinos in November with Dad
And lots of other fun stuff in between
Get excited!!
Although, I reckon I’m excited enough for all of us
But that could just be the 4 cups of coffee and the fact that I’m having a great fucking hair day.

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  1. Think you should come over here for May time, that way hubby can’t complain that he doesn’t know what to get me for my birthday 😉 xx

      1. Just realised what I put, was mean to be, after May, Tickets on sale before May!! Der! Blaming the pain! xx

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