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My name is Jenny Talia from Australia. I’m an Australian comedian based in Chicago – hence the ‘from Australia’ bit

I’m married to an American (Diamond) and we have 2 young daughters (Macaroni & Magoo) so my life is constant fodder for this blog.

I’ve had a website for years. I started to notice that all the traffic to my site was always to the blog page, same with my myspace page. Thought I’d just simplify the whole thing and just make one blog page.

You can still buy the cds and everything, but the bloggity blog is the first thing you see now.

I don’t consider myself a writer and what you read here may not be your ‘cup of tea’. There’s sure to be the odd typo & grammatical error but I’ll try my best. I also don’t aim to be politically incorrect, it’s hereditary.

I tour a lot of the year and like all working mum’s, it’s a constant juggling act. I do like to squeeze out a blog as regularly as possible though – doesn’t everyone?

I generally blog most when I’m out on the road. I tour a lot with my Dad, KEVIN BLOODY WILSON – and he and my mum give my kids a run for their money in the ‘blog-able quotes’ race. No huge surprise there.

I like blogs. I enjoy the idea of my ramblings finding other like minded nutters out there. Reading your emails and comments over a cuppa in the morning is a bloody funny way to start the day too.

This is my outlet – and if we can trade recipes and flower arranging tips too – well that’s a bonus.


Oh yeah….my new album F.O.C.U.S is available NOW on iTunes!


  1. hi i was just wondering wat u use to sing before i was listening to a cd the other day and it sounded like u but couldnt find cover to find name of sng and singer

      1. Hey jenny your amazing just like your dad I chip of the old block sorry kev I had a grate 23thrd b day night this year thanks to you two legends I hope you both come back to new zealand I’m definitely knot mising it

  2. Just watched you got the first time in Southend or as we call it saaafend ! You were fantastic would love to see you play again in the future !! Defo gonna buy your CDs !!!

  3. My husband and I saw you and your dad at Southend last night. Just wanted to say you both were brilliant and we had a great night. God bless you both. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

  4. Jen just like to say a massive thanks to you and you old man for a fucking great nite at saaaarfend Wednesday, and especially for remembering Dan in the foyer from 3 years ago at grays, that made our nite, enjoy the rest of your tour, see you next year x

      1. Hi Jenn
        I’m Shaun, Jacks dad
        Your Uncle Bob is my Father Inlaw in Palmerston North NZ
        Look forward to hearing from you soon

  5. Went to see you last night at Chatham had a brilliant night shame you’re not on for longer…bastard!! 😉 Both you and your dad are born entertainers had us all in stitches all night hope to see you back in the UK soon!! Xxx

  6. Saw you n your dad last night at worthing. Bloody fantastic nite, Thankyou 🙂 x love the song 50 shades!!! 🙂 🙂

  7. Thankyou for entertaining us DORK’s tonight… Hillarious….did you know there’s 14 pubs in this small town?? You should become a local … It would brighten this place up for shizzle… Thank you for making my day xx

  8. Just wanted to say a thanks for making me laugh when you both were at Chatham the other week. Times have been tough but you both made be forgot my problems.

  9. I saw you and your dad last night in Reading you was fantastic i haven’t laughed so much it ages the tickets was a bday pressie from my hubby and i enjoyed the night so much. I wish my dad was alive to of seen it he was a big fan of your dad congratulations to you both good luck in the future
    love and hugs Trudy xx

  10. hey jenny coming to see you and ya dad in blackpool on 2nd november bringing my bride to be we wed on the 9th its a pre honeymoon outing

    see ya on the 2nd

  11. Hi Jen, I was in brum last nyt. first seeing either of u . It was AMAZING!! Shame its a last for Uk. Also, although I loved the verses of a certain song u did last nyt I still disagree with the title ;p enjoy the rest of the tour and g’day from brum x

  12. my husband degsie and i just saw you and your dad in dunfermline again awwwsome show guys your version of adele was great where can i hear that in full

  13. Just saw you last night Newcastle England. never laughed so much in my life. you and ya dad awesome. hope ya back in the worlds 3rd party capital.. gonna hide ya CD’s from my kids. can’t wait for ya return to geordie land.

  14. Just seen you for the first time tonight at Kings Lynn. I laughed my arse off. Loved the Essex girl song. Both me and my mate thought it was ace as were Essex birds. Well done x

  15. hi jen saw you at lowestoft loved the show and the video a big thank you to you and your mom for signing my aussie rugby top im in the choir pic on kevs right at the end of 3rd row see you next year all the best for the rest of the tour and safe journey home for all stay FOCUSed lloyd

  16. Had an absolutly amazing night last night at DARTFORD!! Ive grown up listening to your dads music, thanks to my dad. But im gutted this is the first time ive seen him, being his last!! You were amazing too, so on your solo tour, Dartford best on your list 🙂 proud to be apart of the DARTFORD DILLIGAF CHOIR!! 🙂 xxxx

  17. Saw you in Stevenage on Sunday. I had no idea you would be there.
    It just made the night twice as good as it was.
    I had one of the best nights out EVER & I didn’t even have a drink.
    Gutted that your dad will not be touring the UK again but can’t wait to see you when you are next over. X

  18. Hi Jenny. Never got a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed the show in Cork Opera House on Monday night. Didn’t get a chance to meet the man himself but thanks for making time to have a chat after your set. I was the one you called a “KBW Virgin” or words to that effect :). I forgot to mention that I also play guitar and am learning to build them at college. I figured it was Maton guitars you and Kev played but meant to ask: what wireless equipment do ye both use?

      1. That was what I thought :-). And Maton, while I’ve tried only one of their acoustics (unsure which one) don’t own any of their guitars seem to make pretty good guitars. There’s an Australian based Canadian folk singer named Jeff Martin who also uses them. Saw him playing a few times while he lived in Kinsale County Cork. Since I’m on the subject and listen to a bunch of stuff but have a fondness for prog rock like Pink Floyd and Rush, and anything loud :-), what are your own musical influences?

      2. Enough said I guess LOL :-). Some people I was in school with had sone tapes of his alright. I overheard someone at the Cork Opera House saying they got reprimanded and/or expelled for bringing a copy of Hey Santa Claus with them. I’ve played both Kev’s and your stuff to my parents and some of the guys I’m in college with. Wait has quickly become a favourite :-). But both yours and Kev’s Christmas songs should be played over the next few weeks-if The Pretty Little Dolly can be played then why not both your songs and Kev’s. I know there’s swearing in it but then half the films they show over Christmas also do. I’m also waiting to see Life Of Brian shown over Christmas. Maybe I should petition RTE to show it (heheheheeee :-D)

  19. Hi Jenny, I was just wondering will you and Kev be touring around the Sydney area again if yes is there somewhere I can see the tour dates. Thanks

  20. Just been posted a link on my Facebook page by a relative…..first time I have seen you…..good shit, my kind of humour…..check out my facebook page if you have a few minutes….

  21. G’day Jenny,
    My mum amd Aunty went to one of your gigs up Cairns way a couole of years back, they left large puddles of piddle on their seats when they left, bloody great show and great laughs.

    Do the Americans get into your humor as much as Aussies do?

  22. hi and yes my real name is kevin wilson,every where i go are you kevin bloody wilson,like everyone thinks there the first to ever say it to you..anyway..are you and the old man got any plans for melbourne at all in the future,like to catch your show…seen kev many years ago…thanks..kevin wilson…for real..

  23. Hi me and my dad are big fan’s of u and ur dad and we was jw if u come down to Northampton Jenny with ur dad it would be lovely to see u both

  24. First time listener , TJ love the Morrison song the Politicians in Oz have certainly missed everything except their own agendas, I am from the now even dustier outback NSW,feel sorry for all the farmers along the Murray Darling Basin and Between Barnaby Banana Joyce and his side kick D. Littleproud and their boyfriend Nial Blair they have somehow managed to stuff up a beautiful river system.
    Anyway enough of the dribble love the mix you put together brilliant great vocalisation as well cheers Doc Haynes

  25. Hi Jenny, going keep it short and sweet. I have worked construction for the past 15 years, wanting to get into commercial drone work.
    What the situation is the government has taken my house under forced resumption section 52 xxxi of the Australian constitution, knocked it down and the Queensland state government is wanting me to take the loss of 230k. Seen you and your father in the Harvey road taven Gladstone last year. There are 3 other familirs involved destroy our lives slowly would love some support if you could find the time. This is pretty much a 2019 case of the movie THE CASTLE. all the best safe travels mate

  26. Hi Jenny, I hadn’t heard of you until a mate sent “parasite” I’m so glad he did. That was bloody awesome 😅 BIG FAN NOW ☺️ about time someone told them fucktards.

  27. Omg! 😂😂😂 I just found you on facebook singing the menopause song, i am going through it and you could not be anymore spot on, and to make it hilarious, omfg you rockk!!

    I am now listening to all your music and loving it all, I am so happy i found you!

  28. Hi TJ are you still reading this blog??
    I only just it, lol. Because I was looking for your DOB 🤷‍♂️ It seems that there is no trace of it on the WWW 🤔 Go figure. Anyway hope you have a wonderful Birthday love from me as usual 🌹❤️🇦🇺

  29. G’day from Seattle. I hope you’re doing good. I love your songs. I also enjoy your old man’s (KBW) songs. I don’t have a favourite song from either of you. Hopefully you’ll make it to Seattle Washington if you haven’t already.

  30. Thanks for a great night at shanklin….. legend like ya dad and niiiiiigeilllllllllll

    Fishmo did stick with me….. and it’s saved my ass a few times…. humor aside….. its probably saved my life….

    Love and respect

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