here we go again

As most of you know

I’m supposed to be in the U.K. right now

But I’m not

I’m still at home in Chicago

I’ve been delaying the inevitable

Hoping that my passport & work visa will miraculously turn up on my doorstep

And I’ll race to the airport and make it in time

In reality, I’ve already missed one show

And even if I left this minute, I’ll miss the second

I received an email late yesterday afternoon from the New York office of UK visa processing

(the first correspondence from them in over a week – I have emailed them no less than 24 times and called non-stop, daily – with no reply)

Telling me it will be at least 5 more days until they process my application

This is the application that was filed online weeks ago

That I paid a lot of (additional) money to have priority processed

Couriered my passport to them – along with copies of my previous work visas, dating back 10 years

And everything else they asked for

And then some

Flew to New York to have biometrics done (fingerprinting)

All while being assured by them that if approved, I would have it in time for my trip

It would seem that’s not the case

They’re telling me they didn’t get it in time

I have the UPS delivery confirmation that proves that they did

So what, now we get in a pissing contest to see who’s right?

When really, it doesn’t fucking matter

I won’t get there in time

I have to cancel the shows


I want to say sorry to all of you that had made plans to come to the shows

And to all the venues that gave me a second chance after the lastΒ fuck up of monumental proportions

Thanks for giving me that second chance

As for a third, well…I doubt it

From my end and yours

Don’t even get me started on all the workΒ Anne has put into getting the shows booked etc

And that now, for a second time, my sound guy Dave has a week with no work, thanks to me

I don’t even want to add up how much this costs me, and others, in lost revenue, non-refundable travel costs and blah blah fucking blah

But I DO appreciate all the comments, calls and emails you guys have sent through

The funny ones have been exactly what I’ve needed

While I’m always happy to have extra time at home

Like today, being able to take Magoo on her school field trip, is nothing but a bonus

I love my job

And was so excited to be getting back to the UK & Ireland again

Even for such a short time

I’m pissed off and I’m still sulking

But I’ll get over it

It’s not the end of the world

But it does fucking suck

A lot.

I think Dad summed it up best, “……they need fucking with a pineapple”

I couldn’t agree more




  1. Awww man. Thats Shite news of epic proportions Jen, However ANYONE that is a real fan, (and there are Fucking many!) will be with you either here, facebook or twitter and KNOW that you’ve done everything you could, I certainly ain’t gonna hold it against ya mate and we’ll still be queuing up to see ya perform when the Miserable Bastards finally pull their fingers out their arses and let you get here, it’ll just be a slightly Delayed SELL OUT tour!! Don’t let em piss you off bout it!!, anyway perfect for another song!!

  2. And who the hell added insult to injury by placing an ad for (when you need a passport fast) on the top of this page? Are you f’n kidding me? Might as well place an ad there for Unbefuckinlieveable. Hoping this finally gets sorted out in your favor but sadly probably too late.

  3. really sorry you wont be able to make it over, cant believe they have fucked you about so much!!!! lots of hugs. xx

  4. Sometimes I am embarrassed to be British, was looking forward to seeing you, Oh – bloody – well, don’t let it put you off coming back to see us, Oh and I think your Dad was right too. x x x x Write a song about it, lol x

  5. You should have said you were seeking asylum…you’d definitely would of had no problems then……anyway hope all gets sorted soon :o) xx

  6. Jen – your dad should have added “with the raggy end of the pineapple”
    Having just returned to Blighty from a quick holiday on the Algarve, I’m greeted with the UK Border Agency’s finest British Citizens to skillfully and swiftly let me back into my own country. A f’kin great queue, and you’re viewed with suspicion all of the time. The lady (questionable) processed our four passports and welcomed us back with, maybe a grunt, maybe she had wind, nothing. Noting like “welcome back home sir”, or the “Welcome to the USA Sir, hope y’all have a great vacation” as you get going through Charlotte.

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