how do you…

I was going through some pics and I found these

That I totally forgot to post about at the time

Which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me

And knows how much I do not have my shit together


Better later than never, right?

So back when it was my birthday on the Victorian tour

We started of the day with wonderful family friends

Wally & Rosemary

Who, for as long as I can remember, we have called

Miss Rosemary and Sir Walter Fat-fuck

I’m pretty sure Dad probably gave them their nick-names

(that’s them, in the back of this pic)

They were having a bit of a shindig at their house and invited us to come along

And what an amazing home they have

An outdoor grill that would make Diamond sulk for a year

Something that really made the day special for us

Was Dad getting to catch up with, and me getting to meet for the first time


A friend of Dad’s for many, many years now

You may not recognise him from the photos but I’m pretty sure most of you would be familiar with his work (we’ll get to that later)

He’s a top bloke of the highest order

And his wife Pauline

Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve never met a more genuine, kind and fun lady

Love at first site for me

She was just brilliant

They even invited me to stay at their house whenever I am in the UK

Which might help if they actually adopted me my cause next time


Of course we got the guitar out

Just spreading the cultural enrichment….as we do

Some of the folks had not heard Dad’s stuff before

And none of them had heard of me at all

Always fun seeing people react to our music for the first time

The lovely Miss Rosemary even prepared a homemadeΒ pavlova that doubled as my birthday cake

But seeing I inhaled it before any pics were taken

Here’s what I would call my 2nd cake


A big ol’ door stopper sized slab of Camembert cheese

Yeah baby!

So indeed yes, it was a fabbo, FABBO day

I want to end this with some of my favorite songs from Gerry’s history making repertoire

This one gives me goosebumps


Probably his biggest hit (which he sang for us)


And my all-time favourite


Told you he is the shit!


  1. ah memories ……. πŸ™‚
    not laughed til some sort of liquid came out my nose for many a year and was sorely needed. Love ya x

  2. There’s much to be said about outdoor kitchens…like…I WANT ONE!!! Gerry ROCKS! Def the shit! Looks like a GREAT day in Victoria!

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