video of the (touring) week

To try and get my mind off the fact that I should be on stage in Wales right now

And not sitting in my office in Chicago

And that I will probably have to cancel the rest of this week’s U.K. shows

As I don’t have a work visa OR a passport to get there

And all the people I feel I’m letting down

The list goes on and on

So yeah, to try and NOT think about that shit right now

I’ve got a new VLOG for you guys to check out

From the Rural Victoria tour we just finished

Watching this makes me happy

So I might need watch it non fucking stop more than once today


I’d like to dedicate this vlog to Laura

A fantastic lady, who loved to laugh

Thanks for (unknowingly) giving me a lesson in what’s important  xx



  1. *You’re* not letting people down, Jen, UK immi-fuckup-gration are. Sadly neither you nor those of us in the UK can change their messed-up thinking. *You* have NOTHING to feel bad about.

    You’ll be missed, it’s true, but only cos we love hearing you so much. It’s just those fucktards who control immigration to blame.

    Keep smiling, and singing, and trying to come & see us in the UK cos we love you even if immigration don’t.

  2. Was going to skive work to see you in London. Fuckin’ immigration wankers are those who can’t get jobs that add value to life. Keep trying and we’ll keep waiting.

    Dilli Gaf

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