my other mum

Ever since Dad’s been coming to the UK & Ireland

Anne’s been working with him

Through many changes, different people, different locations

Anne’s been the one constant

22 years it’s been for fuck’s sake

Shit, that’s a long time

She does everything over here for us

She runs Auslink, which is Dad’s UK office

Handles of all the merchandising

Accomodations, car hire

You name it, Anne takes care of it

I know there’s a million things she does that we don’t even know about

She just get’s it done

But more than all the stuff that Anne does

Is who she is

She’s a great friend to us

And an amazing lady

Her and Dick, her husband, are our family over here

They help to keep it all running smoothly and keep us on track

I know we come into the country for these tours like a tornado

Reeking havoc and leaving a trail of distruction

And Anne doesn’t bat an eyelid

We love her

And while we’re all so excited to being going home soon

It means saying goodbye

She’ll cry

Mum will cry

Dad will look at them like their fucking idiots

She’ll give me one of her famous bear hugs

And as we walk away

She’ll be thinking thank God those little Aussie fuckers have gone back to work, planning the next tour

Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts Annie

Love you x

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  1. Old friends are the BEST Friends! They can pick up where we left off no matter how much time passes. Time unearths the best and worst of who we are…those who remain are there because they accept our flaws as character and our qualities for what they are, nothing more, nothing less.

    Friendship is mutual appreciation…Everyone needs an “Annie”. I love the “Annie’s” in my life too! 🙂

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