upcoming solo shows!


Starting next week, I’ll be in Australia for a few solo shows

First stop is in the Northern Territory with shows in GOVE, DARWIN, RAPID CREEK & HUMPTY DOO.
SO for all my NT mates, grab your tickets because you KNOW we always have a shit hot time!

The following week I’ll be in SOUTHPORT QLD, for one show then BALLINA NSW the following night

Feel free to let any of your like-minded nutter mates, that live anywhere I’m going, that I’m headed their way.

The more the merrier louder and drunker funner!!


I’ll be back in Chicago after these shows for a quick break and to put the final touches on the NEW ALBUM, coming out in September!

Then I’ll be joining Dad for a run of shows through Tassie & Victoria!
Excited much??

kbw square aug 2016

And don’t forget to check out my JUST JENNY episodes on my FACEBOOK page
I am having THE BEST time doing these, and will be sure to do some live-streaming from the road too.

Thank you to all you guys that come to the shows, buy my albums, and share the shit out of my videos. I’m a lucky kid to get to do this for a living, and I’m thankful to all of you for making that possible.

Enough sappy shit!
Love ya guts
See you out on the road or online SOOOOOON!!


next stop, new zealand!

It’s been 3 years since we were last in New ZealandIMG_6146

It’s such a beautiful country with amazing peopleScreen Shot 2014-11-14 at 9.28.11 PM

I am so psyched to be going back again


The five fab shows I just fished up in Queensland, have gotten me sufficiently warmed upauntykay(these ones are related….can’t half tell)

Got to try out songs from my new CHRISTMASHITS CD
(crowd favourite NO REFUNDS…..what’s yours?)hinterlandhotel20142

But I made sure to save some energy (and some crazy) for the next two weeksbuderim2014

Ever been to New Zealand or hung out with a New Zealander?focussoftball

Then you’ll understandqldcrew
(with the Qld crew – Heiny, Hamish & Brent….nutters, all of them)

Thank you Queensland…can’t WAIT to come back again!

But now….. bring on the Kiwis!!


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