Some of the venues we’ve played so far on this tour have been pretty lovely

All different

But all immacualte

FILLED with staff

That’s something that we see consistently backstage

Lots and LOTS of staff

For me to walk from backstage, out to the front, to see Mum at the merchandise desk

I would have people walking with me

Security don’t like you walking around by yourself

So at all times, there was at least 2 security guards with me

I’m sure this had NOTHING to do with them not trusting me

And the stolen hand towels incident from 2008

They WERE a gift, I swear

It felt a little weird being escorted everywhere

But it’s better than the alternative, right?

When we played the 2 Johannesburg shows

I was told that I had to have my own bodyguard

It sounded very unnecessary and completely weird

But those were the rules there

He was stationed outside my dressing room all night

I told him my real name was Whitney

And I’m pretty sure he loved hearing me belt out “I Will Always Love You” each night before the show

Warm ups ‘n shit

He has a beautiful African name that is crazy hard to pronounce

So I just called him Kevin

That’s Mr Costner to you

that’s a wrap


The DVD shot is finished!

I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have that done

I was N-E-R-V-O-U-S

Worried I’d trip and fall

Or forget the words

I was particularly concerned that my fun bags wouldn’t stay in my top

That’s what I get for choosing to wear something from the DOLLY PARTON MATERNITY-RANGE

It will be a while before it’s released (sometime next year)

The touring schedule doesn’t leave much time for editing

So rather than make it a rush job

I really want to take my time & make sure it doesn’t suck

Thanks for being so patient with me

I know that a lot of you have been asking for a DVD from me for a while now

And honestly, if you guys hadn’t asked

I’m not sure I would have done one

I hope it’s worth the wait for you

The crew we got to work with were incredible

The venue was perfect

And the crowd were insane

Here’s a live pic that Dad took on the night

I think we should all be thankful that he wasn’t in charge of the video cameras too!

sparrow’s fart

One of the biggest differences between South Africa & other tours we do

Is the flying

In Australian we mostly drive from A to B

With the occasional flight thrown in

In the UK it’s pretty much all driving

Because we’re doing almost a show every day here

Flying is the best way for us to get around

It’s also the best way to get us up at the crack of dawn

I’m not sure the crew even realised there were two 4 o’clocks in a day

I haven’t had a sleep schedule like this since I my girls were babies

And liked to be fed every few hours

Then burped

Then held

Then changed

Then fed again

I think I might actually miss those days a bit

Kick me

I set my alarm the other day for a 3am wakeup

And I swear my iPhone must be thinking it’s been stolen by a nightshift worker

The best way to describe all these early morning calls is

Stupid O’Clock

We have started many days on this tour at stupid o’clcok

And it’s completely worth it

We are loving it here!