1. Hey T.J. all ready for another one then!! Time goes so quickly I still have the picture of her 1st birthday. Hope it all goes well xx

  2. Suck it up and get used to it!! You should have seen MY baby girl (who is a bit older than 6) and me crying at the airport last weekend – absolutely pathetic. Hope it all goes well for first grade. xx

  3. Time really does tick quickly…My “Baby” is 6ft. tall and finishes school this year! Mum’s keep tissue companies in business, you know…stock up Jenny girl…you have many boxes yet to open!

    She’ll be fine…you…? Guess that blog is yet to come…CJxxx

  4. Hi, My baby is starting school today as well and I can’t stop crying either! I know exactly how you feel. He’s only 4 and my youngest, it’s not good! Thinking of you! Alison x

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