first night nerves

The first night of a tour is always a little nerve-racking

This tour more so

‘Cause I’m getting ready to shoot a live DVD this week

So I’m trying out some new stuff

Working out what to wear

I can never decide between black pants & a black shirt

Or black pants & a black shirt

It’s a struggle

I had to swallow a fair amount of mouth vomit before the show tonight

I was N-E-R-V-O-U-S

But then I walked out on stage

Trying hard not to shit my pants

And hoped that this sold out crowd on the other side of the world


And thank holy-mary-mother-of-jesus-and-skid-marked-undies

They “GOT IT”

Brilliant way to start the tour

Met some really cool people

With funny accents

Who were all taller than me

Dad got to sign his first pair of South African tits


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