come fly with me

Our flight to Durban was a good one

Thanks to the airline we flew with

Check them out

Yep, you read right

That says THIS SIDE UP on the side of the plane

The airline is actually called KALULA Airlines

But this is how they paint their planes

Two years ago when we flew domestically here

We flew with an airline called ONE TIME Airlines

And I remember at the time thinking I’d be much more comfortable if they called themselves, EVERY TIME Airlines

But this, this RIGHT SIDE UP mob

Are funny as fuck

And the funny doesn’t stop on the outside of the plane

Once on board, the flight attendant’s ‘welcome on board / safety spiel’ was hilarious

I don’t usually pay much attention to them

And my payback for playing Scrabble on my iPhone while I’m supposed to be listening to the safety briefing

Will no doubt be being the only one with my lifejacket on backwards

And not able to find an exit from my own arsehole

If the plane I’m on ever goes down

But I have it on good advice from some mates that work in the airline industry

That, “If you ditch, you DIE”

Lovely thought

But this crew had my attention from the get go

With an announcement that started with

“There may be 50 ways to leave your lover – but there’s only 8 exits on this aircraft”


Once we landed and were disembarking

One of the flight attendants said over the P.A,

(and I’m pretty sure it’s because there was an article on Dad in the inflight magazine)

“Please refrain from smoking and vulgar language until you are in a designated area”

Who knew flying could be such a laugh?

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  1. That “50-Ways, 8 Exits” remark is GOLD! I like an airline with a sense of humour, as long as it doesn’t include a smartarse pilot that says (and acts out), “If we hit turbulance, the plane will do THIS…But if we are crashing, the plane does THIS!” Yes…I am a nervous flyer that prays more in a plane than in church!

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