smiley happy people

This is Sesi

She’s one of the awesome locals that make me love South Africa

Always smiling

The fact that she makes you-bloody-beauty coffee definitely adds to the appeal

The fact that it’s Starbuck’s coffee is almost enough for me to start batting for the other team

I gave her one of my CDs

I asked her to email me and let me know which song, if any, is her favourite

I hoped she’d understand the songs sung in my broad Aussie accent OK

And was interested to know if she found them funny

Before I checked out of the hotel where Sesi worked

She came running over to tell me which song she liked best

And I said, but I only gave you the CD 20 minutes ago

I know, she said.

I read the names of the songs on the back of the CD, and I have already decided

Really, I said. Which one?

And in her so cute, and very thick South African accent, she said

“I love Choukolit Uz Bitter Thun Six”

(Translation: Chocolate’s Better Than Sex)

See girls?

We really are the same

All over the world


  1. You’d think there would be a man out there somewhere in this BIG World that can compete with chocolate…right??? Obviously, not. :p

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