that’s a wrap


The DVD shot is finished!

I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have that done

I was N-E-R-V-O-U-S

Worried I’d trip and fall

Or forget the words

I was particularly concerned that my fun bags wouldn’t stay in my top

That’s what I get for choosing to wear something from the DOLLY PARTON MATERNITY-RANGE

It will be a while before it’s released (sometime next year)

The touring schedule doesn’t leave much time for editing

So rather than make it a rush job

I really want to take my time & make sure it doesn’t suck

Thanks for being so patient with me

I know that a lot of you have been asking for a DVD from me for a while now

And honestly, if you guys hadn’t asked

I’m not sure I would have done one

I hope it’s worth the wait for you

The crew we got to work with were incredible

The venue was perfect

And the crowd were insane

Here’s a live pic that Dad took on the night

I think we should all be thankful that he wasn’t in charge of the video cameras too!

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  1. WOOHOO!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!! What a GREAT Venue! Was a bit surprised you wore black…ahem…right… 🙂 You look FANTASTIC and it will be FUNtastic!!! Happy Trails! CJxxx

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