fuck it up friday #20

Time for a new FUCK IT UP FRIDAY!! Huzzah motherfuckers!!

This one takes me back to my single days. Everyone of my friends has a memory that this could be the soundtrack to.

If you’re in Perth, which was the crime scene of my partying youth – I have two words for you:
For everyone else, just insert the name of the seediest late night dive you’ve ever been to. The crusty carpet, dark lights, grab a kebab/burrito on your way out kinda joint. A place where you’d find only the ‘classiest’ of Sheila…..like me.

Some kids go to college. I went to Gobbles.
And what an education I got.

(for the oldies and my husband out there, HI DAD! who have never heard the original because your stereo is allergic to anything after 1964 here’s the original, you know, BEFORE I fucked it up.)

just like a pill

Lately, everyone around me has been sick





Except me

And because I am a bucket mouth

I let everyone know that I was the ONLY one that wasn’t sick

Cause I NEVER get sick

Everyone else’s immune system can suck it

‘Cause mine is obviously the least germy

My steady diet of red wine, clinkers & no sleep is a winner people!

Until it wasn’t

Cue me feeling like death last week

With the man flu

That one’s like 5 times worse that the regular flu, yeah?

‘Cause that’s totally what I had

No WAY has anyone ever been as sick as I was

Just like there’s NO WAY anybody’s birth story is more horrendous than mine

Yup, I’m THAT person

Ask Diamond how much fun I am to live with


After being prescribed some great drugs

(That are probably just antibiotics

But I still feel like a rebel when I take 2 at once)

I am on the mend


Better than on the mend

I am fired UP!

I think being knocked on your arse makes you grateful when you DO start to feel better

Today I want to plough through my ‘to do’ list

Then dust off the guitar and do some writing

I will not be distracted

Life is a highway & Baby you can drive my car On the road again

And all those other songs about truckin’ that have fuck all to do with this post

I am unstoppable, mother fuckers!

Once I get out of bed.