fuck it up friday #20

Time for a new FUCK IT UP FRIDAY!! Huzzah motherfuckers!!

This one takes me back to my single days. Everyone of my friends has a memory that this could be the soundtrack to.

If you’re in Perth, which was the crime scene of my partying youth – I have two words for you:
For everyone else, just insert the name of the seediest late night dive you’ve ever been to. The crusty carpet, dark lights, grab a kebab/burrito on your way out kinda joint. A place where you’d find only the ‘classiest’ of Sheila…..like me.

Some kids go to college. I went to Gobbles.
And what an education I got.


(for the oldies and my husband out there, HI DAD! who have never heard the original because your stereo is allergic to anything after 1964 here’s the original, you know, BEFORE I fucked it up.)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Your the classiest sheila I know and just so you know, You do a fantastic Job Mate! Keep up the excellent work! x

      1. Nah it’s cool mate! I totally understand that your a busy woman with looking after kids and other stuff! You will always be awesome in my books! xx

  2. Well done mate, love it. I’m sure most of us classy ladies have been there before! love your work! 🙂

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