memories of cork

First show in Ireland last night

In Cork

It’s been 5 years since I played here last

So I was a wee bit excited

And it was a great show

I love singing the BASTARD song over here

And when everyone sings along, it sounds like they’re saying


I really do love the shit out of the Irish accent

Got to meet Daniel, who’s a regular reader of the blog

He passed on his best wishes to Miss 6, Miss 4, & of course Diamond too

A lovely bloke


Then there was Robin

One of my facebook mates

He writes funny little comments all the time

And last night I got to meet his lovely wife Ruth too

They’d flown in from Leeds for the show

As they were in California when we played closer to them

I actually ‘fessed up to Robin that I thought he was a girl

On facebook that is

He’s got one of those tiny profile pics, and oh, I don’t know

Now that I know he has a penis is a bloke, it seems silly

But for whatever reason, I’m assumed that ‘Robin’ was a sheila

Sorry mate!



Quick story:

like there’s any such thing coming from me!

The last time I was in Cork, it was the last show of a 2 month UK/Ireland tour

It was 2003

Diamond and Miss 6 (who was Miss 1 at the time) were out on the road with us

It was a tour of many pranks

I tried to stay out of it, ’cause while I love playing pranks on people

I’m a complete sourpuss not that great about having it done to me

That’s just the way us grumpy chicks roll I guess

As it was the last day, and I wouldn’t be seeing any of the crew for a long time

I figured I could play a prank and hopefully get away with it, before anyone had time to pay me back

Now, I’m not sure whose idea it actually was

But as the crew were driving back to England, a long drive too, we decided to put something in the truck for them to ‘spice’ up the trip a bit

So far on the tour, mum had already left stickers, dolls & blow up sheep in there for the boys

For some reason, it was decided that we’d leave one of Miss 1’s shitty nappies under their seat

Where they would smell it

But never find it

I know, gross huh?

And for all the parents out there who have/had teeething babies

You KNOW what that does to their poo right?

Kinda makes it even more putrid/toxic/rancid/nuclear

Well, Miss 1 was teething, and it was BAD

And you know what?

Those guys drove for 440 miles, and didn’t notice a fucking thing


And I’m sitting here gagging just thinking about it

Imagine trying to get away with that now

It would be so much worse

‘Cause there is no Miss 1 anymore


And I’d totally have to use one of Dad’s nappies

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