I saw the sign

On day one, of our first show of this Northern Territory tour

This, was the cover of the State’s (biggest) paper

Holy shit did we laugh our arses off

And started telling people the name of our band was ‘Public Sex Craze”

Then today, THIS was the front page of the paper

It’s fucking hilarious

Nowhere else in the world, does a paper have such consistently funny, and UN-newsy headlines

I’m not sure if it’s deliberate – but it DID make us go out and buy the paper each day

So it’s totally effective for immature bogans like us that love fart jokes

The other awesome thing you see in the Territory, that you don’t see anywhere else in Australia, is this…

A speed limit of 130km per hour (approx. 80 miles)

Which is so great

Unless you have a rental car that can’t handle the pace and starts violently shaking to the point that you wish you were wearing a sports bra abandon it and organise a new hire car that’s red so you totally think it’ll be faster than the other one but the fucker ends up having the shakes too for fuck’s sake 

We’re blaming Heiny

And the extra suitcase full of her special dildos accessories she brought along with her

Dirty biatch.

sticks and stones

“Shut up”


“You are stupid”


“For fuck’s sake you piece of shit”


“Go fuck yourself”


“What the fuck, you dumbarse”


“Are you fucking kidding me?”


“Oh my God, I’m going to kill you”


“Shut up, shut up, shut up”


“You fucking FUCK!”

These are the daily ‘conversations’ Mum & Dad have with the GPS in our car

Which is why, I think it’s now getting us lost on purpose


field trip to fielding

The drive to Fielding today was spec-tac-u-lar!!

With some of the best scenery we’ve seen so far this tour

And not just because I was actually awake for this car trip

My jaw wasn’t just dropping from the postcard views out my window either

The conversation inside the car was pretty mind blowing too


Yeah, she’s back with a vengeance


Mum: Wow, look at all the windmills…they are everywhere!

Dad: It’s a good thing

Mum: What are they used for anyway? Is it for electricity or something?

Dad: What, are you stupid? Everyone knows what windmills are for


I thought that’s what they were for too – but then I saw Dad’s face in the rear view mirror and realised he was totally fucking with her

It’s one of our favourite things to do on tour

Mum: I thought it was like an environmental thing, you know to save power and stuff

Dad: Jesus, everyone knows what windmills are for

They’re to create a sea breeze Betty, a SEA BREEZE


Mum: Oh, well now I know then too don’t I?


I have definitely inherited Mum’s brains

‘Cause Dad still has his