like sands through the hour glass

Dad was telling me in the car today about this Russian Sand Lady that he saw

I’m like, the what?

He says, there’s this Russian Sand lady and she’s beautiful and really talented

You should check her out

Google her, or whatever you do on your computer

You’ll love it

So I google Russian Sand Lady

And I get this

And I’m thinking

Wow, even with your beer googles on Dad

I don’t think you could class this ugly old mole as beautiful

And talented?

She. Eats. Dirt.

I’m like, uh ‘scuse me, but your 4 years old granddaughter could kick this wrinkly cow’s butt in a sand eating competition

Miss 4 devours MUD PIES for God’s sake

This chick just eats plan old SAND

And there’s NO WAY Miss 4 is not cuter than HER

And Dad says, what the fuck are you talking about?

So I show him the photos I found when I googled Russian Sand Lady

He’s like, you’re a FUCKTARD, you know that?

I know, he totally called me that. I taught HIM that word – and he used it on ME



Turns out he was talking about this Russian Sand Lady


Just a case of miscommunication


Between the front seat and the back seat

One comment

  1. Hey, I can eat a SANDwich while throwing sand in someone’s eye with sand between my bum cheeks…Now THAT is talent!

    She’s alright with sand too…ahem…

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