melbourne cup

In Australia today, the biggest horserace of the year takes place

The Melbourne Cup

It’s known as “the race that sops a nation”

And it really does

People all over the country stop work for the race

I remember at school we’d get to watch it on TV

Lots of people dress up for it, in their fanciest duds, at racetracks across the country

It’s a very prestigious event, and attracts entrants from all over the globe

Even my mother-in-law in Chicago, a die hard horse racing fan

Knows ALL about the Melbourne Cup

And will no doubt be having a bet on the big race

We’ll be halfway between Ulladulla & Canberra when the race is on

But that’s OK, we’re still going to get in the spirit

The great Aussie tradition of ‘having a flutter on the nags’ is alive and well on the road today

Mum, whose family has always been into horse racing and betting

Has given herself the role of bookie for the day

I think SHARK might be a better term for her

I was barely awake this morning and she’s hitting me up for money

Getting me to draw the names & which horses we get

There’s 6 of us on the road – and 24 horses in the race

4 horses each

Except one’s already been scratched from the race, and she wouldn’t tell us which one

Her words, “…if you get that horse, tough shit”

So I don’t even have to tell you who ended up with that horse

Yeah OK, it was me


Thanks for that

I think she’s been watching too much Sopranos

So we’re all set

I’ll let you know how it goes

Hopefully one of my horses will be first across the line

If not I might need to borrow some cash

Or maybe just a place to stay and hideout for a while

Where ┬áthe Mafia boss can’t find me

UPDATE: Guess who won? Go on….guess! Who wrote out all the names? Who put them all in the envelope?

Well done Mum, you mobbed up Mama!!


  1. im sure you will have plenty of offers for the spare bed jen ,, a good tip of the day from a dear male friend of mie very sound advice i thought 2 ……….DONT BACK THE AMBULANCE !! hhhmmmm i’ll take that into consideration Brad..

  2. My cousin is the bloodstock agent who found Americain for his current owners and convinced them he’d do well, even after the horse had bombed out in his races in USA.
    Good on your Mum, hope she’s celebrating as much as they are out at Flemington !

  3. Try living with a father who hides from his kids in the car so he can hear the races and we can’t hear ourselves think over ‘GO YOU GOOD THING,GO’.

    Mind you he did manage to buy us a house from the winnings so I shouldn’t really complain.

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