cheers chi-town!

The Chicago show was last night
It was over in a blur
After a huge-crazy few days leading up to it
And I was so excited to tell you guys all about it once it was done
I have no photos
The person never without a camera
The girl that took over 18,000 photos last year
None of last night
Yeah, I don’t know how that happened either
So I borrowed a couple from people’s Facebook pages (Hi Tiff!)
Add in the couple of lamo selfies from backstage before the show started
(I would make an excellent bobble head doll – the hooker series)

Where I had butterflies that felt more like fighter-jets doing kamikaze drills in my belly
(so excited I think I need to change my undies….wait, did I WEAR undies?)

It was completely sold out, to the point that we had to move to a larger roomIMG_0560
People came in from all overIMG_0567
(crazy Tracey all the way from Kentucky)


There’s nothing quite like a packed house full of people that had NEVER seen me live before
And a large chunk of them, until last night, only know me as Macaroni & Magoo’s MumIMG_0563
I’m not sure what they were expecting
To be honest, I wasn’t too sure what to expect either

I do know that I haven’t had that much fun at a show in forever1506120_10202920657321940_1888432399_oExpectations….exceeded by a bazillion
Result – officially blown away

Thank you x



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hit pics, december 15, twenty thirteen

I’m sitting in Dallas airport… waiting for my flight to Chicago
There’s heaps of snow (and a couple of very excited girls and their Daddy) waiting for me there, not enough to have flights canceled, but enough to make me very happy. I am a big lover of snow and all things winter

I’m killing time going through the 2,000+ pics I’ve taken, been in, or have had sent to me over the last few weeks in Australia

There are some brilliant shots amongst them, and I’ll post some more soon
This one will take a lot of beatingget-attachment.aspxGo Perth you good thing.

collecting history

OK, this is a little long winded….bare with me…

Pierre LE POIDEVIN was born in 1801 (approx.) in France.
He was transported to Sydney on 28 September 1835 from England.  (he dropped the ‘Le’ and just went by Pierre Poidevin)
He was convicted at the Royal Court in Guernsey on the 13th December, 1834 for base coin forgery and sentenced for seven years transportation to the colony of NSW. (for those that don’t know, Australia started out as a penal colony and all the riff-raff started out here) Pierre was a single man, a cabinet maker and he could read and write. He was also a Roman Catholic. His physical description was described as – 5 foot 4 inches tall, very dark complexion, dark brown hair, greenish eyes. Once he had served his time, he became licensee of the Old Collector Inn, in Collector NSW, until he died in his sixties

He was married to a lady named Rebecca, and they had 7 children, 5 sons and 2 daughters

One of their sons was Francis Poidevin
He married Catherine Turner and they went on to have 12 children, 7 girls and 5 boys

One of their daughters’ name was Beatrice May Poidevin
Beatrice married Henry Bryant, and they produced 4 children, 3 daughters and 1 son

Their only son, Cecil Bryant, married a lady named Hazel
They went on to have 7 children – 5 boys, 2 girls

One of THEIR sons went to the town of Collector today
(You might recognise him)


And visited this quaint place, full of landmarks named for the Poidevin family


The pub’s still there


The general store’s still there


Today, we got to visit a place where part of our family started
Dad’s Great-great Grandfather, Pierre Le Poidevin, started out as a criminal
And seems like he turned out just fine
I’m grateful for that!


There’s SO much more to the story, with new stuff we’re learning all the time
We always wondered just where us ‘Bloody Wilsons’ came from
Now we know
We’re from FRENCH ancestry, ooh la fucking la!

For today, it was pretty incredible to stand in that town, visit our ancestors graves

And be proud of where we came from

Wonder if they’d be proud of us?
Don’t answer that.