signed, sealed, delivered

I know, there’s a lot of you our there that are not ready to think about Christmas
Like really, REALLY not
You may want to wander off and make a cuppa or something right now

For everyone else, especially those that have been emailing and asking
This is a reminder that you can get all your F.O.C.U.S. SWAG through the website
(or just click here)

That’s also where you can buy my DVD,  WHO DARES GRINS (filmed live in South Africa)

The main reason I’m posting this info again, is I know a lot of you would like your CDs etc signed.
And if you order within the next week (while I’m still here in the UK) I can make sure all your swag gets autographed.
After that, I’ll be filming the Ireland episode for RHYTHMS & ROOTS and then home, and quite possibly drunk off my arse for the entire month of December
What I’m basically saying, is if you want any CDs, tshirts or DVDs as Chrissy presents or whatever, best to order them now while I’m still upright and I can sign it all



Also, thanks for making the new album F.O.C.U.S. number one on the CDBABY comedy charts. You guys rock!

AND…the film clip for 50 SHADES has almost hit 20,000 views on youtube. The fuck? And wow!
Christmas has certainly started early for this chick singer
Thanks to you guys.

You sure do know how to add the extra awesome to my world



  1. I think your dad and your self are the Awesome ones, to have the gift to make people laugh… I and many others I’am sure Thank you both. Have a nice December ( January)!

  2. Hi Jen

    After seeing you last week in Folkestone, my boss has now officially banned me from singing your songs out loud, although he stilll hasnt figuired out what FOCUS stands for (espcecially as I’m saying it to him).
    Enjoy your rest, you’ve more than earned it, cos you’ll need alll your energy for next time your in Faboosh Folkestone.

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