I’m in love

I just got to meet my newest best friend for the very first time today
She doesn’t have a name yet, and any suggestions better be clean are welcome
She’s a beautiful, custom MATON guitar, created by the amazing Andy Allen
I am lucky enough to have several custom Matons, all Australian made, by Andy
Red, purple, sparkly….
So far, every guitar has sounded better than the last
And I can’t wait to pop this one’s cherry at tonight’s sold out Hexham show
‘Cause you know what they say,
“Once you’ve had black
you never go back you’ll be smiling a lot.”


    1. That’ll be great when I ask the crew, “have you seen my fanny?”, “I need to clean my fanny” “is my fanny tuned up?”…..maybe not…lol!!

      1. I admit … I had never heard of them!

        I just googled ‘Black Cherry’ … First thing I saw was on you tube … I had a man and I want one again!!

        It’s a band… lol

  1. I do like Black Cherry.

    My first thought was Grace ‘Pull Up to the bumper’ Jones. You should really cover that song…;)

      1. ME TOO! Black Cherry is perfect!

        Cover that sucker! You don’t even have to change the lyrics…it’s an accidental parody of itself! 😀

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