video of the (wasted) week

Firstly, I have to say that it makes me proud that when my friends see vids like this, they think of me (thanks Lauren!)
Secondly, if you don’t think it’s funny, then we probably can’t be friends

Thirdly, I love how everyone is so blasé about poor drunk dude. They, for the most part, offer him a quick hand….but mainly stay out of his way
So you KNOW he pulls this shit every week
I almost feel bad that he doesn’t even end up getting his beer after all that wobble-walking around the store
We should just be thankful he’s not at a drive-thru liquor store (like we have in Australia)

I reckon if the sound was on this, you’d hear him the whole time saying

I know for sure that dude’s theme song should be this tune

And he should look at home deliverary.


  1. I think that was me…no, wait…he has hair….must be a relative…nah, they’re mostly wowzers…I’ve sure felt like that a couple of times, just not in public….at least not that I remember…..

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