2011, a year in pictures

Here’s a random montage of some Β pics from 2011 – I let the computer pick which ones to use

And yes, there are a lot missing – just like the hard drive they’re on. Fuck

Apologies in advance to friends, old and new, if you don’t see your pic here. Blame the drunk chick operating theΒ computer technology gizmo thingies

They’re all in skewiff order, and looking at them makes me smile

And makes me want to take a nap

The Chicago Blizzard of 2011, Queensland Tour, Victoria Tour, Chicago show, Mum & Dad’s visit, New York, Japan, New Zealand, Melbourne, Granites, solo WA & Northern Territory shows, Las Vegas, Sugarland concert, Sydney tour, Bahamas, Perth with the kids, Christmas…

Some a blurry, some are not. But all of them remind me of what an amazing year it’s been.

JENNY TALIA 2011 in pictures from jenny talia on Vimeo.


  1. Love it Jen, My shirt got on there. That one that I wore at the crown with the words “World’s Greatest Comedian Jenny Taila From Australia”. So I’m very happy about that!! Keep up the fantastic work lovey, and have an awesome 2012. xx

  2. I think you got the ‘good stuff’ in my 2011 – glad someone got it! πŸ˜‰ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! Wishing you only the ‘GOOD STUFF’…YOUR ‘Good Stuff’ – I need to recoup some of mine this year! *insert fireworks here* β™₯Jxxx

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