adelaide awesomeness

While I was in Adelaide, I stayed with my fabulous mates Lauren and Adam
Lauren has her own studio (Studio Fifteen) – hair, makeup, nails, waxing, massage….they do the lot!


They talented peeps even made me purdy before my show
It’s the coolest place on earth to be girly and pampered
And then, beat this, Adam is a wine distributer
That’s right, you can get your hair did AND have a wine
Really good wine too (Swire & Noble)
Even though I put ice in it

You can’t polish a turd
But you can roll it in glitter
And this sparkly turd HAS to have ice in her red wine
Not sorry.


It was a good thing my fake eye lashing were so dazzlingly distracting
Because I forgot all the ‘top halves’ of my stage clothes
And had to go onstage with my sparkly pants, stripper heels
And the jumper (sweater) I’d been wearing all day
Holy bucks of Jesus (thanks Kerru) I was sweating my arse off

So completely and totally worth it
If I could bundle that Adelaide crowd up on a bus and take them with me everywhere
I so would
They were loud, they were listeners
And hooly dooly were they singers
Just fucking awesome
And such a brilliant end to the touradelaide2014
I’m already planning my return trip!

Next (after heading home and seeing my HUSBAND!!!) is Victoria, Tasmania, the Gympie Muster and Kallangur – starting next month


Thanks RADelaide, and especially Lauren and Ads – you guys are the best xx

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friday foto fun

Yep, I done, done it again
Totally fell of the blogging wagon
Let me make it up to you guys by sharing a shit tonne of pics
That’ll work, right?

Queensland is not only one of the most spectacular states in Australia visually
It also happens to be where a lot of people we love more than our luggage, live

I’ve got cute cousins

Teenie tiny Aunties

Some of Dad’s fav peeps are here too
Like this man
Graeme Connors
One of Australia’s most gifted (and awarded) songwriters
And all-round top bloke

And I even made a new BFF on this trip
No, not Kane (the bloke standing next to me)
Although I totally grateful to him and the crew at Royce Music in Toowoomba
For my fantabulous new touring buddy
A totally wow sounding Taylor Mini
I haven’t named her yet
Any suggestions?
We’ve been busy with our 6 shows a week
But never too old busy to take backstage selfies before the show
And perfecting our DUCK FACE poses
That have somehow morphed into the perfect FUCK FACES as a resultIMG_9047
We had a night off for the big State Of Origin Game
Luckily, our family are mad Queensland supporters (for those that don’t know, it’s only ever played between N.S.W. & Queensland)IMG_9091
I didn’t rub it in at ALL when they won
Then, on our next day off, my sista from another mista
CACTISHA, came to visit
Can I get a fuck yes?!!
I first met Cactisha (not her real name….long L-O-N-G story) when I was a kid and she was Dad’s tour manager
We’ve stayed close since then, and try to catch up whenever we’re in the same part of the world
She’s gone on to be a bit of a megastar in the field of management and promotions
But we still manage to bring out the fucktard in her within a few hours of catching up

We had a great day out in Airlie Beach
If you’ve been there, you know how SPECCY that place is
Beautiful times a bazillionIMG_9178
Then it got messy
Well…SOME people got messy
Others chose to be the photographer of said messiness
*ahem*IMG_9211There are SO many photos
That I am going to save
For a rainy day
Or when I need to blackmail any of these numnuts
IMG_4779Because hooley dooley….
Were there some hangovers to be had…for some
For others, not so much
*ahem* again…IMG_4789
We’ve already made plans to do it all most of it again later in the yearIMG_9253
I might leave the camera at home for that one 😉IMG_9254
I even got to go in an infinity pool for the first time
It was bloody cold
But at least I can I’ve done it!
Yeah, I know….some people climb mountains or go abseiling
I like to try out pools and hotel beds
Adventurous? No.
Enjoyable? You betcha!
Every day, every drive….there’s really no such thing as average scenery in the whole state of Queensland
And after ANOTHER sold out night (tonight in Townsville)
There’s definitely no such thing as an average show in Queensland1075753_10151807232487495_1844579266_n
Bring on the last two shows!

like minded nutters

I just came off stage at Booval
And dude
That’s the place where we filmed the ‘WAIT’ film clip (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT)
Back then, I remember thinking we couldn’t have chosen a better place to film
A deafeningly mental crowd
Let me tell you, I think they’ve gotten LOUDER in the last 2 years
The foldback speakers (the ones facing me so I can hear my vocals and guitar) were cranked to the max, and I still had trouble hearing over the top
Which really, wasn’t a drama
‘Cause hearing them sing all the words to my songs beats listening to me sing it
They went off like a frog in a sock
A frog with A.D.D.
And beer.

Add that to the last few days
And I’m a happy little vegemite
THIS, is what touring is all about

From catching up with mates all over the country
(for the first annual Jenny Talia ewok convention?)

To meeting people after the show
(Hi Leighanne!)

Some of whom line up forever, just to get a signature or a photo
Some of them….don’t quite make it
This poor bastard pulled up a chair and waited
And waited…
Until he just couldn’t wait any more
We were joking that we hoped he wasn’t dead
‘Cause then we’d feel so bad and confirm our first class ticket to hell. But you guys’ll all be there…so I shouldn’t really worry about it
And look like total arseholesphoto-22
And we’d HATE to look like arsholes