fair play to ya peterborough

I say Peterborough, if I could choose how to spend a Saturday night
I reckon I’d choose to spend it doing exactly what I just did

Playing a show for you crazy mofos
How much fun was that?

Then I got to say G’day to a shitload of you at intermission
Thank you for being so patient
Here’s me and Mel getting a pic of her new camel toe tattoo (that she says I’m the reason for)

Why does  this photo makes us look like we’re making a really uncomfortable porno?

And tonight had the added bonus of having all my favourite road dogs out here with us

Perfect night Peterborough.

Thank you!


  1. God you are fantasic !! your so down to earth and an and just says it how it is! proper legend!!! defo see you again and again!! xx

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