happy days in hayes

We are doing 6 shows a week on this tour, and I’ve made it my goal to do a post about every gig we play
I’m running a show behind right now and it’s only week 2, so here is the delayed post for Hayes…

Hayes is a total catch up show for us.
Some friends we’ve known for years
Like Sarah – whose Mum has been bringing her to Dad’s shows since she was about 5 years old.
Well, not to the ACTUAL show, just backstage to meet him and get photos

Then when I started coming to the UK, we’d all meet up, catch up, and every time, without fail, they would bring gifts.
Since I’ve become a Mum, Sarah and her Mum Josie have always brought along gifts for my girls. It’s safe to say the half the stuffed animal toys in Macaroni & Magoo’s bedrooms, come directly from this great family
And last night, Sarah, who is the baby of her family, brought along her husband Clive, and HER baby, Rachel
Dude, way to make us feel OLD
But wow, is she gorgeous

And while I like to say that I am a warning good example of what happens when you expose your kids early to Kevin Bloody Wilson, Sarah proves that theory wrong

And turned out absolutely lovely


  1. That is so cool.. I have let my kids listen to your dad too when they were young.. its a shame my daughter went back to Perth when she did as she would have been just old enough to see u guys in Chicago.. well maybe a little young at 16 lmao..

    So cool that you got to see her baby now.. sounds like great people..

      1. Haven’t been able to see you this year. Saw you a few times up in Scotland and 2 years ago in Hastings. What I like about you and your dad is, apart from the entertainment, you are really lovely, down to earth people.

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