flashback friday #1

Once upon a time
In a land far, F-A-R away
(Or 26 hours by plane if you include connections)
I used to be a country singer
I still love country music
But now I prefer to write ‘fuck songs’ instead of ‘folk songs
Just don’t tell Nanna

I found some old film clips from my ‘TJ DENNIS’ days
And you know when you look at old photos of yourself and get all cringe-y?
Watching them is EXACTLY like that
Except I’m moving
And there’s music
So it’s like photos times a bazillion

So instead of FUCKING IT UP like I usually do on a FRIDAY
I thought we could have a FLASHBACK FRIDAY
This week, it’s LONG LAST LOOK
A song I wrote for my second country album (I made 3)
This clip was so fun to make….especially as some of my besties are in it.
They let us eat, drive someone else’s car, and be stoopid on the streets of Perth
Good times!

I think that after you’ve watched this, you all owe me a tragic 90’s photo of yourself


  1. Scarily, I have this on VHS… No DVDs in those days baby!!!! Even has your photocopied pic stuck on with A glue stick to the box. Ahhhhhh those were the days!!!! Xxxx

      1. The music riff in this song sounds familiar to the riff in your song parasites did you get it from this song?

  2. I love both your styles. Got all of Jenny Talia but can we still buy TJ Dennis anywhere? It’s not on iTunes 🙁 wouldn’t mind listening to some other songs too 🙂

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