beefy christmas

Seasons Greetings!!

Welcome to the first of a bazillion Christmas posts

OK, maybe one or three

‘Cause those in the know, KNOW I love the shit out of Christmas




Oh and fuck it, one more….HERE!

Today’s topic is about the main man

Who in Australia is called Father Christmas

My girls call him Santa

I call him the man-that-can-help-me-get-my-kids-to-do-anything-if-I-tell-them-he’s-watching

Yay for December!

What did you think Santa looked like as a kid?

I don’t remember every thinking that looked like this dude

Some of my girlfriends (I’m talking to you Clare & Michelle) have been sending me through some of these cute boy pics

There’d be a lot more left out on Christmas Eve than cookies and milk

If this was what was coming down your chimney

Am I right, girls?

But we’ve all got to wake up sometime

Oh yeah fellas, I didn’t forget you

Here’s Santa’s grandaughter

Who I’m pretty sure used the front door

Not the chimney


  1. There I was, early morning, pissing down rain outside but all cosy and warm in my bed, thoroughly enjoying the spunky santas. Didn’t quite get round to licking the screen though because I scrolled down too far and found the fat gut one ……. that brought me back to earth with a crash …….. welcome back to my real world!!!

    And as for Santa’s granddaughter, well I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now so thanks for that one. Love it. xx

  2. Nothing like a little beefcake for Christmas…YUM! 😉

    Santa’s Granddaughter sure takes the SEX out of SEXy…all that’s left is…WHY????????? Guess confidence comes in all shapes & sizes…or there are no reflective surfaces in the North Pole…

  3. LOL Jane!

    I’ve told my man he has to wrap his self in a ribbon for Christmas. This was I get to pester him with ‘can I have my present now?’ ‘can I have my present again’ for the rest of the year 😀

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