what ya dooooin’..?

That’s one of the first things out of Magoo’s mouth whenever I’m away and we’re on Skype

“Hi Mama….what ya dooooin..?”

So this is a belated-bloggy-what-have-I-been-up-to for you

Considering I’ve been MIA since I arrived in Australia

A quick run down…

First night’s show in Perth

I had a baby

And this is the father

OK, no he’s not

But he is one of THE funniest bastards I’ve ever met

He sat front and centre in the audience and hung shit all me all-fucking-night

And I’m pretty sure it’s the most fun I’ve ever had with my clothes on

How cute is he?

A couple of lovely chicks from the Perth gig

To remind me that I really should stop getting my pic taken with people that make me look 100

The lady on the left in this shot, sang the ‘Bastard’ song louder than I’ve ever heard it

It’s the sweet looking ones you’ve got to watch

Woke up the next day to this view from the balcony at Mum & Dad’s house

On the same day that Chicago was having it’s first snow of the year

(tee hee)

Then Me, Heiny & our sound guy Mark headed off to a sold out show in Geraldton

Where I kinda regret putting Heiny in charge of photography for the night

And this,

This is the reason that there was a major punch-up-brawl-some-people-just-shouldn’t-fucking-drink after the show

And this lovely security man below may have broken his hand on the above man’s head

Kicking him out

Totally worth it I say

Some Gero girls

Make ’em stick their fingers up their noses and look stupid, I say

So we’re almost on an even playing field

About the only thing left standing after the Gero gig was this poster

I fucking love that place

And then tonight, I’m back with Dad

In Mandurah

I got to catch up with some fellow Kalgoorlie girls backstage before the show

Their Dad Graham, used to be in a band with my Dad when we were kids

Tanya & Jodie were like the big sisters I never had growing up

I loved hanging around them & they were always so cool to me

In return, I’m pretty sure I was a complete pain in the arse

Nearly a thousand people at tonight’s sold out show

Honestly, no one had a better time than me

And my favourite new friend of the night is the lady on my right in the pic below

The one with half her arm missing

She waved that stump of hers & screamed her box off at me, throughout my entire show

She knew all the words

Did I tell you I love Mandurah?

Crazy biatches like this make it easy


  1. Sounds like you could’ve coined the phrase. “Wild Wild West”… Ain’t it grand to be back home??? 🙂 Looking forward to what should become a family tradition…your book!

    As always, Thanks for the ride! Happy Trails!

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