my uk mates

We’re up to show 68 tonight

And our last one of the Enlgand, Scotland & Wales part of the tour

Before we head off to Ireland tomorrow

To do the last 5 shows

It’s been so good to catch up with our UK mates

Someone I wish I got to see more of, is Karen

A lot of you over here in the UK may recognise her


She is, seriously, one of THE BEST singers in the business


I first met Karen many, many, years ago when Dad did his first ever UK tour

And we’ve been mates ever since

She’s a ‘singer’s singer’

She can do ANYTHING

All the big names – Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand

All the legends too – Cher, Dusty

She’s also a classically trained guitarist & pianist

Quite the muso she is!


She also happens to be married to one of my other favourite people in the UK

Dave, our sound engineer

I don’t have that many “GIRL'” friends in the business

I try make it a rule to not hang out with anyone cuter, skinnier or more talented than me

But Karen is my exception!


  1. Karen is gorgeous! Karen would also make Michael Douglas run the other way…you know…in a “Fatal Attraction” kinda’ way…

  2. ItΒ΄s funny that Aussie chicks looks so much better than pommy chicks since you both stem from the same genepool haha :)))

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