show off

As a lot of you know

Dad’s been as Β sick as a dog this past week

He’s been a complete champ and not missed a show

The good news?

He’s pretty much back to normal

And today he wanted to prove his point by stopping for coffee

Ans we’re all like, sure princess, you can have coffee

But we were a bit worried about him having ‘big boy’ coffee

’cause he’s had the shits all week

So I bought him a special one

And he had no idea that we’d bought him the you’ve had the shits all week pussy version mini cup

And he was so excited to be able to drink coffee again

Until I reminded him that he was a pussy showed him what the big kids were drinking

And he puts his best, “What is this fuckery?” face on

Like he wants his money back or somehting

But we stopped him from spazzing out sorted him out

And he was good to go

Until we stopped for brekky

And he bolted out of the car

And ordered his food before we could catch up to him

And check the little smart bastard him out

BAKED BEANS for Chirst’s sake

He calls it confidence

I call it pushing his luck!

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