First night of the tour….WHYALLA!IMG_1531

So fun!
Reminds me why I love coming to South Australia
People are very cool here
And some are even shorter than me….hi Amanda!
Huzzah motherfuckers!

Second day of the tour and THIRD stop at McDonalds
Because Dad is the McMuffin man and doesn’t care about my cholesterol
And Obviously neither do I because I could say no
The Whyalla MacDonald’s crew
Who were all in uniform, hence the thumbs and not middle fingers sticking upIMG_1826
This is Sarah, we ran into her at McDonalds. She was there to pick up her Dad (who works there)
They were then going to the hospital to see her husband
Who happened to be in the front row at the show the night before
AND who was my target / pet / slinky
He had so much fun (and possibly seventy-hundred beers) that he ended up in hospital

The tour hadn’t gotten off to the best start
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Filter covers were invented for people like me who excel at breaking shit
So the lens itself is fine
And then Mum got all she-woman adjusting the rear vision mirror
And ripped the fucker off
They say things come in threes
Will keep you posted on what gets broken next

A normal tour usually has 18-21 shows
This SA run has five
We’re seeing if we can squeeze 4 weeks worth of touring crazy nutso adventure fun into one
We’re doing pretty good so far.


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