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You guys, this being on tour business is making me even suckier than usual at keeping you updated. So, let’s just have a hug, and throw around some forgiveness.
Which is WAY better than the, ‘where are the photos and updates from the fucking tour  JENNY?’, that my Nanna’s been emailing me
Well the first week was huge.
Don’t forget, you can FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK – because when I go MIA here, you can be sure I’ll show up there.
Now, from memory (which is a joke on a good day) this has been the biggest start to a Sydney tour ever
The first week, entirely sold out
And I’m writing this backstage from Castle Hill, the first show of the second week – which is also packed to the rafters
So…yeah baby!

Here’s some of my fave pics from week one
Bless Mum’s heart, she is the best merch bitch in the business
But she’s still getting the hang of the big girl camera
But sometimes, blurry is best
We all look younger and a bit more lovely
So, don’t go changin’ Mum!
As always, one of the best parts of touring, is the characters you get to meet
The funny ones, the tall ones
And the ones who, even after I have SAT ON THEIR LAP to sing them the BASTARD SONG
Still come back for more
And by more, I mean, sit on the edge of the stage to have Dad serenade them
Balls of are you fucking high, dude? steel, right there.
There’s the usual assortment of bald heads

Crazy mofos
And even some straight up normal people (but we don’t see those too often)
It all adds up to the perfect combo of holy shit and fuck yeah

But night after night, we meet some of the best people around
In the form of venue security
These guys (and girls) have a big task
They keep the crazy  to a minimum
And they work really hard to keep the peace, and provide protection from the fucktardsIMG_1524
Especially when the fucktards are DAD & I
We can be quite the shit stirrers



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