I know, technically Davistown is not *in* Sydney

But for me, who’ll be traveling more than 9,000 miles / 14,800 kms

The 50 miles / 80 kms (from Sydney to Davistown) will seriously be a piece of piss

Like, it should only take me a bit of cleavage and maybe an hour

If I hitchhike


However you measure it, it’s pretty bloody close

To more than just Sydney too

It’s a stone’s throw from Woy Woy, Gosford, the Entrance, and generally just a pretty speccy part of New South Wales full stop

So for all of you emailing, facebooking and all-round asking, “when’s the Sydney show?!?!”

Mark your calendars for Saturday 14th June

Yeah baby!

davistown poster 2014

Now, who’s got a fully stocked wine cellar spare bed?



PS – Perth, Brisbane & Melbourne…I’m coming to see you guys too!
Details coming soon!

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  1. Gunna try but don’t drive and have no cleavage… My moose knuckle might be my only help with transport.. But woul hate to miss ya

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