When I look at the girls busy making their Easter crafts

Gifts for family

It’s scary how big they look these days

Macaroni is already up to my shoulder

She’s 7

And I’m a short-arse

Even Magoo, who’s 5

Loves to brag how she can head-butt Mummy’s boobies

Which is both weird and painful

They’re both growing like weeds lately

Then I look around the house

With all our Easter decorations everywhere

And it’s hard to reconcile the two big girls, colouring Easter eggs today

With the two little girls in all the Easter Bunny photos

People say it all the time about kids

“…they grow up so fast”

What they should say is,

“…they grow up faster than fast. Like, holy-shit one day you’ll get your 7 year old’s shoes, socks and tights confused with your own. And while you want them to make their beds and do stuff for themselves – one day you’ll wake up and they’ll have taken a bath, made their beds, breakfast, cleared their dishes, put their dirty clothes in the laundry and made toast & vegemite for you”

And then you’re like, wow

And then you’ll be like, boo

‘Cause it’s a bit sad too

And then you realise that they did all these wonderful, big girl things to hide the fact that they’ve deposited an entire bottle of Vampire Red Nail Polish in Magoo’s bed

But you don’t get mad

You didn’t like that colour anyway

And the sheets were old

It WAS kinda smart of them really

To distract you enough

Hoping you didn’t notice

But you’ll be too busy looking at old photos anyway

And then your ovaries will start to ache

And cry

And possibly just drop out

THAT’S what they should tell you.


  1. Damn could have warned a girl only just redone my mascara, just makes me realise how quickly my little 15months old son is growing up. They’re not kids long enough!!

  2. Your too right Jenny, they grow too fast. My twins are 9 now and yes it seems like only yesterday I was holding them in the hospital.

    The down side is that the regrets and mistakes you cannot rectify hit you bang in the middle of your face when one has just been diagnosed with ASD & PDAS. Everything is fine while it’s going her way…. ask her to do something she don’t want to do and all hell breaks loose.

    Still my little girls though.

  3. And one day you’ll wake up and find that your babies have grown up and moved far far away – like to Chicago …… or maybe Perth

    And then your ovaries will really ache – if you’re lucky enough to still have them of course

    Happy Easter babe


  4. Oh hon – I KNOW!!!!!!
    Easter hugs to you and your weeds (or the offspring that grow like them!) and your Diamond.
    Hope the Big Bunny finds you with Lindt.


  5. Oh m8 it’s cracking when their older. My 15yr old wakes me after school with dinner and the 12 yr old bring a pint of tea and Dr Pepper. Wicked! I’m not lazy I work the night shift.

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