Season’s Greetings

And many happy returns

For Easter that is

I think it goes something like that

Either way it’s a holiday

I love holidays. Any holiday

It a great to have an excuse to crack open another bottle of wine spend time with family

That’s always a fucking reason to drink a nice thing


So to get in the spirit we coloured eggs a few days ago

Not something that I did as a kid but it’s a lot of fun

And kinda messy

The kids love it

And the end result looks might purdy

Even if the house smells like a big FART boiled eggs now

It’s a fun way to getting into the ‘swing of spring’ over here

Although someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that spring is here



‘Cause this is what the weather was like outside on that same day

My mouth was frozen so let me translate

Yo – MO NAAA (cool speak for mother nature)

You are one schizophrenic biiiiatch!!

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