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Tuesday nights Macaroni has basketball

She wanted to play volleyball, but she’s too young

So in the mean time she’s giving basketball a shot

She’s totally tall enough

Not sure how that happened

The games are fairly low on skill

But bursting with “I GOT ITs and MINEs!!”

The entertainment factor for a a parent on the sidelines is first class

Not that I’ve actually heard anyone else laughing

It’s hard to hear over my own guffawing and snorting

Then Thursdays both girls have a PE class

This week was baseball

Macaroni hit 3 home runs

Magoo, as usual, did her own thing

Which was basically a game of ‘statues’ on first base

While the ball (and her sister) whizzed past her

She was really good too

Barely moved a muscle

Except to pick her nose

Which she is the national-under-6 champion at

Then Saturdays is Magoo’s soccer game

She actually kicked the ball this week

Unlike last week

Where she avoided it at all costs

And went MIA from the field 3 times

We eventually found her

Ransacking a vending machine, in the toilet and in the backseat of our car, respectively

So yeah, it would appear that she’s inheriting my NON love for all things excercise-ical

I only got her to the game in the first place by promising she could come to the hairdressers with me afterwards

Where she danced and wiggled about more than at any sport she played in the last 12 months

Better than any money spent on the girls sports and activities

Is their new trampoline

They’d bounce on it forever if I let them

They like to have their lunch on it

They stay outside playing on it for hours at a time

And not just because it’s surrounded by a net

That I can zip  up, locking them in

OK, mainly because of that.

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  1. We had a trampoline for the boys when they were little. Best investment ever!!! I think you would change your mind about exercise if you utilize this baby to it’s full potential. Scenerio: Girls in bed, you, Diamond, starry night, *insert your imagination here*…nothing like a workout before bed… finish with hose shower to clean the tramp…oline…

    Oh, the good old days… 😉

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