when I’m sixty four

Last month Dad turned 64

He was in Chicago with Mum at the time

So to celebrate, we had a good old fashioned piss-up at our house

Including Dad’s favorite kind of birthday cake

Made out of ice-cream that I possibly forgot to put in the fridge hence the dodgy shape of it

Lots of passing the guitar around

Laughing our arses off

Much, MUCH too much alcohol consumed

Dad finished the night off by heading out to the back yard to take a piss

For all you fancy-pants – this is a habit that all rednecks Kalgoorlie people revert back to, when intoxicated

Diamond went outside to make sure he was OK

‘Cause Dad had a bit of a stagger going on at that stage

Diamond told him rule number one, when having a ‘slash’ in the snow

DO NOT slip and fall in it

The handprints in the picture below will tell you that Dad obviously wasn’t listening

So today, on my birthday

(which is also a day off….oh SHIT!)

My plan is to follow Dad’s lead and party hard

I will not be out done by a sexagenarian

Thankfully they’re not forecasting for snow in this part of the world today




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