Do you guys remember a while ago when I told you about our friendsĀ Tom & Kylie?

If you don’t, pleaseĀ CLICK HERE to read their story

Because it really is a beautiful story

A love story

About what love is really about

How even though it can be heartbreaking and cruel

True love is always unconditional

If you know Tom & Kylie, you know that’s the kind of love they have

Kylie had surgery recently

Initially she came out of it OK

But then she wasn’t

Kylie was taken off life support on Saturday March 26th

She was 25 years old

“…She was so very, very special
And was so from the start
You held her in your arms
But mainly in your heart

And like a single drop of rain
That on still waters fall,
Her life did ripples make
And touched the lives of all.”

Rest in peace beautiful girl.



  1. Jenny, I know Tom, but unfortunately never had the chance to meet Kylie. Only got to be friends on facebook. She was such a beautiful girl n always smiling. She made everyones life better for having had her in their lives.. Kylie you will forever be missed but never forgotten. Rest in Peace Kylie. xxxxxxx

  2. Tears are falling for a beautiful woman I never got the chancery meet or speak to. I’m sending huge amounts of love and thoughts to this amazingly brave woman’s family and friends
    Rest in peace xxx

  3. I so wish all you lovely people who never met her got the chance to do so, she left a mark every where she went, she would light up a room just by being in it, she was brave, courageous loving, beautiful, strong, the list goes on, I am the luckiest person in the world to be able to spend her whole life with her I just wish that all of you could have had that chance. words can’t describe how I am feeling I just want to go with her.
    Thank you so much for all the lovely things you all have been saying about my daughter

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with both Tom, paula and the rest of Kylie’s family, may ur beautiful girl RIP all my love and prayers xx

  5. This is a beautiful blog to a beautiful girl. every time i spoke to her she always put a smile on my face and made me feel better.
    people should never complain about how hard there life is there are always people worse off and kylie was one of them, yet she still loved everyone and treated people as if they were always there. i met kylie when i was 10 we played netball together and have kept in contact through the club and through fb.
    my heart goes out to all of her family.
    And to paula be sooooo proud kylie was truly one of a kind and so loving towards all. you dont find many with her heart and love these days.


  6. Hi Jen, my heart goes out to Tom. That’s so sad, they looked like they made a lovely couple. At least they had some happiness together, not that it’s a huge consolation.

  7. To all the people leaving responses,
    i dont know what to say but thank you all for your kind words if i had a way you all could meet kylie i do it cos she was jjust simply awsome. she never complained and always wanted to help. I took kylie to meet kev and jenny many years ago and they were simply fantastic with us and jenny made kylie feel so special so thank you to them aswell i couldnt ask for more than seeing kylie smile. well i could praise kylie forever so ill go but thank you to all again from tom

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