macaroni’s milestone

She’s already smarter than me

She loves playing the cello and having sleepovers

Her favourite time of the year is right now, because d’uh…Halloween!

Her crazy long legs have brought her up to just about eye level with me

She’s the cool kid her little sister wants to be

She loves surprises, scary movies, Lancelin and Rainbow Loom bracelets

All she wanted for her birthday was a skateboard and a little brother


One out of 2 ain’t bad

She’s thoughtful, funny and the most prolific reader I’ve ever known, and and always has at least 3 books on the go. Her favourite this week is Little Women, which she wants me to read too….but hello? Have you seen the SIZE of that book?

What I DO love to read, is anything┬áMacaroni writes….she can write the shit out of a good story

She loves Thin Lizzie, Billy Joel, The Rolling Stones and old Elton John

She’s a thinker, she’s a giggler, she’s a great friend

Whatever ‘it’ is, this kid oozes it.

And as far as daughters go…
We’re pretty lucky to call her ours

Happy Double digits Macaroni

grandkids 8

You’ve given us an incredible 10 years so far, and being your Mum is truly, the best thing that ever happened to me

And for that, I might even “UNbreak” iTunes for ya today ­čśë

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 8.16.33 AM



my magic magoo

This kid…

She loves animals, her family, her teacher, old fashioned purses, animals, salad, swimming, being tickled, animals, Smurfs, her big sister, summertime, telling jokes, animals, dancing and animals

Every day I’m amazed at just how much┬ácheekiness, compassion, hilariousness, kindness and cuddles, can fit into one little person

I couldn’t be more proud of this special girl, she’s a fucking amazing human


Happy 8th Birthday Magoo
I want to be you when I grow up.