a lesson in perspective…

Three weeks into the Victoria tour already

Seriously, it’s going crazy fast

Just over a week to go

It’s been pretty shit hot so far

Except for the last couple of days

Which have sucked dick

A lot

I don’t want to  go into it too much

Just know it rhymes with U-PAY-TIMMIGRATION!

But this is where you guys come in

Because it’s pretty hard to stay shitty for long

Meeting so many fucking nutters out here

And catching up with old mates too

(Hi carol & James!)

And sooooo many additions to the wanker wall, it’s going to need it’s own bloody website

And then there’s people like Pam (on the left, in the pic below)

I met Pam a few nights ago

And her sense of humour right now

Considering what she is obviously dealing with,  is pretty fucking awesome

Sometimes we need little reminders

That life is good

And little problems, when you look at the big picture

Amount to fuck all really

So yeah they might never let me back into the UK and I’m going to be fucking spewing the little voice inside my head I like to call, perspective

Is telling me to suck it up biatch!



  1. My best friend Pam looks pretty much the same right now, life really sucks sometimes. Hope your Pam keeps that beautiful smile on her face, hugs to her …… And to you too xx

  2. They have to let you in to the UK again! We need something/someone to cheer us up. There’s too much crap & not enough fun around here. They let all sorts of nutjobs & headcases who shouldn’t be here through the doors – shutting you out would just be wrong on so many levels!

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