6 more to go

One of the very cool things I got to do while I was in Perth in December

Was spend time with my Nanna & Pop

I’ve written about Pop before

(& Nanna too!)

I was worried at first that I wasn’t going to get the time to see them

It was a stupid busy schedule I’d created for myself

It turned out that it was my Pop’s birthday the Sunday before I left

And I wasn’t working ’til later that night

So I could be there

For his 94th BIRTHDAY!

If that’s not awesome to the nth degree – I don’t know what is

All the family came from all over, to Mum & Dad’s house

For a party, a feed

And a big celebration

There were cousins


Cool views

Big Kids

Catch ups


And even a little cut, after Pop had a mini-stack (stack = Aussie for fall)

Which was easily taken care of with a Wiggles bandaid

Sometimes I wonder what’s going through Pop’s head when we all get together like this

Here’s a man who grew up in the Great Depression

Then went off to war in his 20’s

Do you think he looks at our generation, with our iPads, laptops & cellphones

Bitching about the economy & having to go to work everyday

And thinks we’re a bunch of pussies?

Although I’m pretty sure ‘pussies’ isn’t in his vocabulary

I don’t think any of us have a TRUE idea of what life was like back then

He’s lived such a full life

And still goes to the races every Wednesday

Visits Nanna at the home EVERY day

He’s a good man

A great man

And without him, a lot of us wouldn’t be here

I’m very proud that he’s my grandfather

Pop said he’s already looking forward to his 100th birthday, in 6 years

I know that one will be bigger than Ben Hur

And I know for sure I’ll be there

Wouldn’t miss it for the world

Plus, I promised Pop

And you don’t break a promise to your Pop

Especially when he’s your favourite!


  1. Jen, your Pop sounds like an AWESOME man and definitely a breed that this world needs more of! Happy (belated) Birthday to your Pop and I for one and looking forward to the 100th birthday celebration blog post in 6 years! Bottoms Up!

  2. Aww bless i got a lump in my throat reading this – what a lovely pop and family you have jenny, all the best to your pop and look forward to seeing his 100th birthday bash photos – Happy new year to you all x x

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