2010 in photos

I was going through some of my pics for last year

And pulled out some of my faves

There’s lots of my mates here

Friends I was lucky enough to catch up with out on the road in 2010

The live shots at the end are taken by my mate Tam at Takeyapick Photography

It was a busy year

A pretty fucking cool year too

Looking through all of them made me smile big

JENNY TALIA 2010 a year on the road… from Jenny Talia on Vimeo.

And reminded me just how FUCKING BIG that smile of mine actually is

* backing song by some random chick called TJ Dennis?


  1. Love it!!! Love that good looking chicky near the end with your dad and her hubby… the blonde one… the one that’s lost 3kgs now….. love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I agree with dilligaf on that one Jen. You do have the best fuckin smile on Facebook. Love ya mate! By the way ur DVD is fuckin fantastic mate. Keep up the great work! Xxxxxx

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